Samsung KG Bypass Pro - All Models (A/S/Fold/Z Flip Series) Supported by Perseus - Mar Apr Jun Jul Security✅


Samsung KG Bypass Pro - All Models (A/S/Fold/Z Flip Series) Supported  ✅


- The device can´t have a void 1 status like “magma tool” 

- The device can´t have an unlocked bootloader or customfirmware 

- Only Samsung Official firmware is compatible (untouched)

- Only Android 11 and 12 are compatible

- FRP protection has to be turned off. 

- Good Wifi connection if is regionlocked then use

- Rooted devices are not supported only void 0 devices

- Running debugger tools will make the server reject the activation ticket. Please be sure to have a clean Windows 8 or 10 PC before using this service or close any spoofer tool.


Link Download : LPRO

Step by Step:

1. Wipe from recovery (Both Factory Reset and Cache)

How to Wipe Cache Partition in SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 – Remove Cache

 *Do this twice if need be or just to be safe*

2. Scan the provided QR code by tapping the hello or Welcomescreen 6 times

3. Connect to a RELIABLE wifi network (Hotspots usually fail)

4. You don't need to plug your usb wire until the device asks you for that.

This screen will show up, this is normal, sometimes this screen will pop up.

NOTE: if this screen takes too long to load and then fails checkyour wifi connection and restart from step 1. 


5. Tap Accept and Continue in the next 2 screens. 

6. When the screen shows up “ACTION REQUIRED” wait untilthe message that says DON'T PLUG your usb wire yetdisappears and connect the device to your PC.


7. In your Windows PC enter or and once the site shows up typeactivate” then enter(key) and accept the RSA adb permission on your phone, by tapping in “Allow” 


8. Finish the Setup wizard normally and accept the last batteryusage permission


9. Wait for the reboot and it's ready to be used it will never relock. and you are able to run OTA updates as stated


IF you need to update please follow this video




IF you get an error that ends in IT Code


Wipe the device and finish the setup wizard normally until the lock reaches the devicethen just tap on the ? icon and restore the knox policiesThen you can repeat the process and the error willdisappear

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